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- Bought Pie base


- Tennis Biscuits (or similar flat cookies)


Whipping Cream


(1¼ cup)

Caramel (La Lechera)


(1 can)


(2 Bars)

Powdered Coffee (Optional)


(1 Tsp)

Ingredients - easy buy:


Use a Glass or Stainless Steel mixing bowl for whipping the cream. Cool the bowl and whisk for best results by placing in the fridge prior to whipping. Ensure Whipping Cream is fresh and cold.

Use the Tennis Biscuits and lay them over the bottom of the dish used for the Tart, ensuring as little gap as possible between the cookies. Some can also be halved and used for a border if so required as your imagination is the limit here. You can also crush the Tennis Biscuits and mix with some butter to form a crust which can be pressed into the Tart pan.

Pour the cold Whipping Cream into the cold bowl and whip until Stiff Peaks form, be careful not to overwhip into butter.

Option - Sprinkle coffee over the cream and mix into the whipped cream to avoid clots but does not need to be completely integrated, be careful not to overmix. Scoop the Caramel from the tin into the whipped cream and fold or slowly mix with whipped cream until approximately halfway combined, then mix on higher speed until completely combined.

Place about half the mixture into the base. Crush approximately 1½ of the Peppermint Crisp and sprinkle in the middle of the pie ensuring an even spread covering the entire area the filling is spread over. Cover with the rest of the filling ensuring an even top. Make a pattern if you want to and sprinkle the remaining ½ Peppermint Crisp over for topping.

As with all things good and tasty, this recipe works best with ingredients from Anton’s.

2022 11 24 Peppermint Crisp Tart
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Updated: Oct 28, 2022







(3 1/3 Tbs)



(1 Tsp)

Cinnamon (to taste)


(½ Tsp)

Nutmeg (to taste)


(¼ Tbs)

Older Sliced Bread

6 - 8 Slices


Add the ingredients into a flat Pyrex dish or sheet pan large enough to take all your bread at once. Mix the ingredients well and attempt to level out the custard over the containers as much as possible. Take your bread slices and lay them into the custard all at the same time. Give the custard a few seconds to absorb and flip the bread over. Ensure the bread is

coated everywhere whilst giving the bottom of the slices a few seconds to absorb the remainder of the custard.

Tip: Don’t let the bread sit on one side too long as it will absorb too much of the custard and leave the other side dry.

As with all things good and tasty, this recipe works best with ingredients from Anton’s.

Use our In-House made breads to create this dish.

2022 10 24 French Toast
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Updated: Oct 28, 2022




(1¾ Cups)

Salt (to taste)


(½ Tsp)

Quaker Rolled Oats


(1 Cup)

Butter (to taste)


(2 Tbs)

Brown Sugar (to taste)


(4 Tsp)

Cinnamon (to taste)


(¼ Tsp)


Add the Water and Salt to a pot filling it no more than halfway to the top. Place the pot on the Range (Stove) top with the heat set to approximately 35% to 40% of the power. Once the water in boiling (5 min) remove water from the Range and add the Oats, Butter, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.

Place back on the Range to cook whilst stirring for a few minutes. The longer you keep it on the heat the thicker it will get.

Once cooked, plate and serve!

You can add more butter, sugar and / or milk in the bowl when enjoying the meal.

This cooking time in this recipe is based on using Quaker Rolled Oats. If any other brands are used they might have longer cooking times but the principal when preparing Oats will remain the same.

As with all things good and tasty, this recipe works best with ingredients from Anton’s.

2022 10 24 Good Morning Cinnamon Oats
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