We're Hiring!

We love being a part of 76262 with the unique blend of rural and urban and our ability to share our culture with others.

We at Anton's meat & eat  believe in the US and Texas Constitution and the incredible abilities of the people who live in our great state of Texas. We are a Back-the-Blue and Patriot owned business who appreciates hard working individuals working together.

We have multiple employment opportunities from retail associates, baking assistants, kitchen line and servers/host.

Retail Associate and Baking Assistant.

Market & Restaurant staff - flexible schedule and competitive pay.

Lives are changing in the ever evolving world and we are here to grow our all natural food selection for those looking for a cleaner and healthier choice for foods. We are honored to serve everyone who walks in our doors and are excited to see you soon.


Send us an email at or call us on +1 682-237-2330

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