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We love being a part of 76262 with the unique blend of rural and urban and our ability to share our culture with others.

We at Anton's meat & eat  believe in the US and Texas Constitution and the incredible abilities of the people who live in our great state of Texas.

We are a Back-the-Blue and Patriot owned business who appreciates hard working individuals working together.

25 October 2021

We are looking for weekend support from positive people who are interested in working in a fast paced environment. We manufacture all of our foods in-house and have multiple teaching opportunities for those interested in new skills.

This is a customer facing position to receive and process customer orders. Welcoming personality required to engage customers in product descriptions.

• Check stock levels daily and refill where required.

• Scheduled stock takes.

• Daily product restocking.

• Fresh stock packaging and shelf organization.

• Manage Check-out and closeout.


• Rotating Schedule.

• Daily food allowance included.

• Performance bonus starts after 3 months.


Interpersonal skills: Getting along well with colleagues and customers is essential, so those who know how to listen, communicate, and interact pleasantly are preferred.

Commitment to policy: Wearing appropriate attire, acting professionally at all times, and following company guidelines are expected.

Attentiveness: Perceiving what needs to be done and doing it. Speaking to a customer before the customer asks for assistance.

Physical: Standing behind a register/counter, bending to pick up items and lifting merchandise onto shelves are among the actions requiring strength, flexibility, and stamina (and a comfy pair of shoes)

Multitasking: Duties can change quickly based on need, so retail associates must prioritize and juggle demands.

Calmness: The environment can get stressful during busy times, so remaining patient with customers and level-headed with demanding people is admirable.


Lives are changing in the ever evolving world and we are here to grow our all natural food selection for those looking for a cleaner and healthier choice for foods. We are honored to serve everyone who walks in our doors and are excited to see you soon.


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