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We do Breakfast all day.

Open for dine-in.

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At Anton's meat & eat  we offer a vibrant fusion of the different flavors that make up the amazing tastes of Southern African Cuisine. Starting in 1652 with the Dutch, then adding French, British, German, Indian and Malay spices and cooking techniques to our foods in a unique way that makes for a delicious & memorable experience.

Our "from Scratch Kitchen"including our confectionery items will make your mouth water. Come try our in-house made home style treasures and we guarantee you will keep coming back for more.


Our food is free of any chemical preservation agents and/or processes and comes in natural & fresh form. We give you daily freshness for ultimate taste and goodness.

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Lunch starts at 11am

Open for dine-in.

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Dinner served until 6pm.

Open for dine-in.

Order on the go

Place your order by phone -

(682) 237-2330

Curbside pickup

Place your order online or by phone and let us know if you need a curbside delivery.

We are ready for you!

Authentic flavors since 1652

Some of our favorites:

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