Anton's Google Reviews

Truman Jensen *****

This is one of those places that's almost impossible to review because there's really nothing like it in the metroplex. Anton hails from South Africa and most of the dishes have their roots there. South African food is very unique in spice/flavoring as it mixes flavors from all the European countries, Africa and India. Anton makes all the food from scratch and also specializes as a Baker. So you have wonderful pastries and breads and minced meat pies, Germanesque bratwurst, curry dishes and even a type of beef jerky called biltong. The bread reminds me of my grandma's kitchen she had wonderful baked goods. To add to the mix, they also have a market where they sell South African and European candies and goods as well as high quality meat and various other items. The place is a family run restaurant where you are frequently served by the owner and his wife and will occasionally see their kids helping out or playing together. When you're eating there it feels like your part of their family meal. Another fun thing is that they just added an ice cream machine. For a buck we go and get a nice little treat for our kids (way better than a McDonald's cone). I prefer the salted caramel flavor. It's also really good with a flake chocolate bar added to it.

December 2021

Gloria Effah *****

Lovely people. Had the fried bread with lamb. Tea was great. Banana bread was good. Light sugar.

February 2022

Cameron Caldwell *****

This place is amazing! It was my first time trying South African cuisine, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. Family owned by two very nice people, and they have a little market with awesome things and snacks, can’t wait to go back!

January 2022

Judy Rephan *****

Wonderful meal with friendly South African owners. Brought back memories from my childhood.

March 2022

Jean Keener *****

Anton's isn't fancy. But the food is really good, and they are super friendly. They have some interesting gluten free and dairy free options even though they clearly specialize in lots of baked goods and bread. I plan to return for dinner to try the lamb curry.

February 2022

Abram Pawloski *****

Having been back from South Africa now for a few years, there are flavors and dishes that our family HAD missed. Anton's nailed it. Such a treat for us to be able to enjoy such delicious food that would normally only be enjoyed from ouma's kitchen. We will definitely be back.

November 2021

Ellie Saul

Fresh taste of delicious childhood. This place is authentic and if you’ve ever had real koeksisters…. You have to try these!!! They are the real deal made fresh every week with that indescribable koeksister taste and texture. Perfect! BAIE LEKKER!! Also super family friendly and I thought very very low prices compared to what I've seen and tried in other states.


March 2022

Tiffany Selleslach *****

I was given a hard time for leaving LA and that I'd never find "culture" in TX, but as usual, they were all proven wrong. This place is DELICIOUS!! I had a conversation with the owners and I love how passionate they are about their food and maintaining authenticity and freshness. I can't wait to take my family back!! Try the lamb curry.....a little spicy and absolutely scruptious


February 2022